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My main goal is provide to patients with respiratory problems the latest diagnostic and terapeutic services.

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Chest X-Ray (CXR)

The chest x-ray is the most commonly performed diagnostic x-ray examination. A chest x-ray produces images of the heart, lungs, airways, blood vessels and the bones of the spine and chest. An x-ray (radiograph) is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Computed Tomography

A chest CT scan is a more detailed type of chest x ray that takes many detailed pictures of your lungs and the inside of your chest. … This painless imaging test takes many detailed pictures, called slices, of your lungs and the inside of your chest.


Spirometry is a common office test used to assess how well your lungs work by measuring how much air you inhale, how much you exhale and how quickly you exhale. Spirometry is used to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing.

Bodyplethismography & DLCO

Body plethysmography allows to assess functional residual capacity (FRCpleth) and specific airway resistance (sRaw) as primary measures. Diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide (DLCO) is a medical test that determines how much oxygen travels from the alveoli of the lungs to the blood stream.


Bronchoscopy is an endoscopic technique of visualizing the inside of the airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. An instrument (bronchoscope) is inserted into the airways, usually through the nose or mouth, or occasionally through a tracheostomy.

Rigid Bronchoscopy

Rigid Bronchoscopy is a procedure used to gain access to the patient’s airway and allows the passage of larger airway instruments and cameras to diagnose and treat airway disease. This form of bronchoscopy is done by highly trained specialists.

Airway Stenting (AS)

Main indication to relief of symptoms consistent with airway obstruction from either a malignant or benign obstruction that has failed other medical, surgical, or endoscopic therapies.

Laser Resection (LR)

Bronchoscopic laser resection is carried out to relieve obstruction caused by endobronchial lesions which result in persistent cough, increasing breathlessness and infection due to retained secretions and which is usually accompanied by collapse distal to the site of obstruction.

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Better Lung Care is My Mission

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