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Laser Resection; Cicatricial stenosis of Right Intermediate Bronchus.

By: | Tags: , | Comments: 0 | November 30th, 2017

23 years old female patient. From february till july of 2017 she complete anti TB chemotherapy due to right sided pulmonary TB. In november her condition worsened. She had high fever, purulent-hemorragic cough, right sided chest pain, because of what she was hospitalized. Radiologically was atelectasis of right middle and lower lobes. Bronchoscopically revealed cicatricial stenosis of intermediate bronchus and purulent endobronchitis. Surgical intervention was not considered appropriate. It was decided to perform rigid bronchoscopy-laser resection. Under general anesthesia, using VELASTM 30W diode laser system has done recanalisation of intermediate bronchus. After that purulent sputum was removed from right middle and lower lobes. After manipulation patient’s condition significantly improved. 1 month after Laser Resection atelectasis has been straightened out. Endoscopically, the intermediate bronchus passes freely to subsegmental bronchi.


Laser Resection

1 month after LR